Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hello and Thank You for your interest in Angels InDEED.

 I am now beginning to launch a non-profit organization called "Angels InDEED".  I will be matching Angels (good samaritans who wish to deliver anonymous random deeds of  kindness) to those in need.

All comments , ideas etc, are WELCOME! Please email me or post a comment!


Our Mission:  To return to others in need, the love and blessings we receive from our Source, and to do so with motives that are pure and selfless.

 Our MBoldotto:  Do for others as our Source has done for us.


Undercover Angels:  Our Angels will have many options of ways to help, which might include (but certainly are not limited to) the following:


*  Angels willing to write letters of support and encouragement to those who are in physical or emotional pain

*  Angels willing to spend an hour with someone who is lonely

*  Angels who can collect needed clothing or goods desperately needed by someone hurting financially

*  Angels who will spend time finding those in need, who will e-mail us the details of someone needing an angel

*  Angels who are too busy to personally donate time, but who wish to make a financial contribution to purchase necessities for those in need.


Receiver's in Need of Angels InDEED:


*  Those who have lost their faith in humanity, or faith in the Divine

*  Those who due to no fault of their own, cannot meet the basic needs of their children or families

*  Those who are lonely and need to know someone cares about them

*  Those who have experienced a loss or trauma that is causing them pain or grief  and other needs too numerous to mention


The needs will come in many forms.  The "deeds" will be done anonymously when possible, so as not to be traceable back to "Angels InDEED" or to any Angel.

 We hope recipients will feel that their blessings miraculously fell into their laps from Source (and they did!),  in their hour of need.


Our Promises:  Angels InDEED makes the following promises to all Angels:


*  If you volunteer for any good deed (time, deeds, money), we will never solicit our Angels for additional help.  You will not ever have to regret volunteering help by being hounded to help again.  You will only be contacted when you ask us to contact you.

*  Angels InDEED will never, ever give your name, address, telephone number or any other information about you to anyone else--not to other non-profits, not to recipients of the good deeds.  Again our mission is for our angels to remain anonymous so that there can be no doubt that our angels motives are to show others the love our Source has shown us, and not for any other motives.



If you are interested in becoming an Undercover Angel or helping support the Angels InDEED network with advice, insights, etc., please contact me at:   or leave a comment below. Also you may subscribe to this blog.

                                                                                 Thank You,

                                                                                Cynthia Hicks